How to Register your Business in Trinidad & Tobago

Registering a business in Trinidad involves several steps. Specific requirements and procedures may vary based on the type of business and other factors. This document will assist you in using the Company Registry system to register your own business.

The Ministry of Legal Affairs issues all certificates of registration. All documents are compliant and filed with the Company Registry so that the business is registered legally in the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago.

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✅Decide on a Business Type

Read more about each type of registration.

Figure out what type of business you want to register. Clothing Line, Variety Store, IT Services, Cleaning Service, Security Services.

✅Decide on your Business name

  1. Use The Name Search Facility to if your name already exists.

Note: Ensure that your name is unique and goes with your type of business or else it will get rejected.

Search for your name with/without spaces, you can also perform a google search to ensure there is no other business/organization in Trinidad & Tobago with a similar name e.g., Becky’s Wings is like Beckie’s Wings.

✅Create a Company Registry Account (CRA) to access the Companies Registry Online System (CROS)

If you are on a tight budget and would like to register on your own.

Instructional Videos

Pay to have your CRA account created at $200TT.

Pay for us to register your business without a CRA at $500TT.

Pay for both CRA and for us to create your account on it, at $600TT.

Tel: 868-481-0888

How to login into Companies Registry Online System (CROS)

  1. Click the link below and enter your email and password provided.

How to reset your password

If you somehow forgot your password, select forgot your password on the login page to reset your password.

Enter your email address that you signed up with

Login with the password sent to you in your email.

Enter your email, the password sent to you, and your new password twice.

✅ Top-Up your account

Login into the Companies Registry Online System (CROS) and select your name on the top right.

Note: At the time $240TT will cover the following and a convenience fee is charged every time you top-up $4.71TT.


2. Select or enter your top-up amount.

✅Name Reservation

Login into the Companies Registry Online System (CROS)

Select Name Reservation on the left side.

Select your purpose of request.

Select the type of request and choose next.

Fill out any missing information and choose next.

Enter your Business Details.

Note: Ensure that the name is unique and meets the criteria outlined in the “Registration of Business Names Act” or “Companies Act” when incorporating a Limited Liability Company. Repeat if the name is rejected.

Enter the four (4) supporting documents highlighted in yellow, one (1) in each section.

Submit the application and select Pay Now.

Note: Name Reservation can take 2-5days to complete, check your email every day for a reply from RGD. If the name is approved continue to the next step. If rejected, you will be told the reason. After making your changes resubmit and wait for approval.

You can also check your Home (Dashboard) to see if your registration is completed.

✅ Register your Business

Complete the business registration form by submitting all your documents.

✅Search for your Business Name

Verify that your business has been registered by performing a search.