What is E-Portal

E-Portal is a Ticketing System

TZEDigital’s ticketing system also called E-Portal is a cloud-based software application designed to help our support team manage customer inquiries and technical issues for all churches. The system allows customers to submit support requests through our website, and generates a unique ticket number for each request.

The ticketing system features an intuitive interface that enables our support staff to easily manage and track customer issues, assign tickets to appropriate team members, and communicate with customers throughout the resolution process.

The system provides various features such as automated notifications to customers, prioritization of tickets based on urgency, and reporting and analytics to help track the performance of our support team.

With TZEDigital’s ticketing system, customers can expect timely and efficient support, while our support team can streamline their processes and improve their performance.

How to access the Ticketing System

  1. On our home page at tzedigital.com and select E-Portal on the top right corner, alternatively you can go to tzedigital.com/helpdesk.
  2. Click Sign in
  3. Login with your email and password.