Open LP and OBS Integrations

Below (at the bottom of this webpage) are two downloads that fully integrate OBS with OpenLP. This allows you to run OpenLP and OBS as separate applications, and use the OpenLP Controller within OBS, as well as lyrics integration using web page overlays. There is also auto-switching of scenes and audio based on whether OpenLP is showing lyrics or showing slides or showing bible verses. There is an automatic countdown based on a fixed time and also overlays for logos.

There is even extra logic to automatically change the Scene to the camera view if OpenLP is blanked or showing the background theme.

They are based on older, more stable versions of OpenLP and OBS.


To get this going, follow these steps:

  1. Download and (see very bottom of this page).
  2. Unzip both files into two separate folders.
  3. Run OpenLPPortable.exe first and wait for 10 seconds.
  4. Run OBSPortable.exe.
  5. You now have full overlays and automatic scene switching controlled by OpenLP.

No installation is required – these are fully portable files that can run even from a USB stick.


  1. In OBS, never delete the “Untitled” scenes or Profiles. This will reset OBS!!
  2. Do NOT update OBS, as the newer versions of OBS have different webextensions that are not compatible.
  3. Do NOT use “localhost” as this causes OpenLP to run very slowly. Instead use in the URLs for the Web Source and Custom Dock.


If you want to use BlackMagic ATEM mini ATEM Software Control integration, then see here: ATEM Global Hotkeys 

If you would like to run OpenLP on a different computer, then modify the IP address for the Custom Browser Dock, and the Lyrics Source:


Here is the code for stage.js. It is based on the sample code from the OpenLP forum but switches automatically between scenes by detecting what OpenLP is displaying. There are two modes, manual and auto:

  1. Manual Mode

If the OBS current scene does not have “auto” in the scene title, then ignore any commands from OpenLP. This feature allows you to decouple OBS from OpenLP so you can use OpenLP at the start and end without affecting the live stream. 

For instance, this service run sheet will allow you to start a pre-roll video, then switch to the autoCamera at the start. From this point onwards, OpenLP will control OBS scene switching.

Then at the end, play the post-roll. 

So when the pre-roll and post-roll videos are running in OBS, you can use OpenLP to display anything you want without fear of affecting the livestream.

2. Auto modes

  • If OpenLP is not displaying anything then OBS will switch to autoCamera.
  • If OpenLP is showing song words / bible / notes then OBS will switch to the autoLyrics.
  • If OpenLP is showing a presentation / video / image then OBS will switch to autoMirror.
  • If OpenLP is showing an item with the title “scenechange:xxxx” (or in the notes for the item) then it will force OBS to change to that scene. 


The following configuration is already part of the portable downloads below, but are included for reference.

OpenLP Web Source:

Browser Dock:

Download – ZZZ Old Stages

Download – OBS Portable

Download – OpenLP